The GED test will change starting January 2014. For many, it would be in their best interest to work on passing the one or two sections they failed. Some are simply concerned about the price increase or the fact that the new test is computer based. Either way, we can help. Please begin by reading our article “Important Changes to the 2014 GED Test“.

Our GED program is designed to help students of all ages tackle all GED topics. Also, because a large number of students struggle with math, we offer the Algebra class as the perfect addition to the GED class. The small class sizes allow for plenty of individual attention, as well.

Here’s what our other GED students had to say about the class:

“I learned how to use the calculator properly. [The class is] very helpful! I like small classes better because individual time is spent with the student and their problem!”

“I learned more than I thought I would. What really shocked me was when I didn’t realize the proper way to use the calculator, but you taught me. I learned about algebra, decimals, percents. It’s a lot of stuff that I never thought I’d learn.

You are absolutely the best teacher that I have ever come across and trust me I have been enrolled in a lot of classes for my GED and never stayed in the class because the teachers were boring and never taught one on one or really explained problems to us!”

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