Important Changes are Coming to the GED Test

Important Changes to the 2014 GED Test

The GED is getting a makeover that will go into effect in January 2014. The new test will be very different from the previous version that has been in use since 2002. Test takers should be informed of the changes if they want to be successful on the new test. Some of the major changes are as follows:

  • Partial scores from before 2014 will not be combined with the new test (even if a test taker is only missing one section, he/she will have to take the entire new test)
  • The calculator will change from the Casio fx-260 to the TI-30sx. It will also be an on screen version. No hand held calculators will be distributed.
  • On the current test, a test taker can compensate for scoring poorly on one section by scoring well on another section. On the new test, this won’t be the case. The test taker will need to pass a minimum score on each section individually.
  • The 2014 GED will only be offered on computers (paper-based tests are being eliminated) so the test taker must have some keyboarding skills. Instead of scratch paper, a white board will be offered so test takers can work out their problems.
  • In addition to the Language Arts Essay, there will be other writing requirements on the new test. The Science section will include short-answer questions that require paragraph long responses. The Social Studies section will have an extended response question that will require an essay response.
  • On the current test, many of the answers can be found in the passages so it is possible to pass even without extensive knowledge of science or social studies. In 2014, test takers will be expected to have more background knowledge.
  • he new passing scores are based on results from high school graduates (test takers are expected to know what a high-school grad would know). It is expected that less people will pass the test because of this new scoring method.
  • The price for the test is increasing. In some states, it may cost up to $400 to take the 2014 GED Test (so test takers should try their best to be prepared to past the first time!)

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