Amy has a Bachelor of Science in Math from the University of Tampa, is a member of: the National Math Honor Society Pi Mu Epsilon, American Mensa and Intertel. 

Amy has a genuine love of life and learning. From a young age, she was an avid reader, an artist, and an amateur scientist. She loves using her creativity. She creates art using watercolor, oil, pastels, and ink. She practices calligraphy. She loves singing. She received vocal training in Operatic and Hindustani Vocals and performed in recitals through the Leopold School of Voice and Piano and at the India Day Festival through the Taraana School of Music. She also loves dancing. She tried everything from ballet to kuchipudi, but ballroom dancing is her favorite. She sometimes competes in ballroom competitions and has won several titles (such as “First Place” and “Best of Show” at the Florida State Fair Ballroom Competition).

Placed in gifted classes since the 2nd grade, Amy always strived to learn as much as possible about everything. Now, as a senior majoring in Mathematics at the University of Tampa, she is given ample opportunity to learn and apply what she’s learned. She has served as the Treasurer, Vice President and President of the UT Math Club. She is a member of the National Math Honor Society Pi Mu Epsilon. She had the rare opportunity to perform undergraduate research regarding DNA Rearrangements with her advisor Dr. Angeleska and was selected to present the findings at Embry Riddle University’s Mathematics Research Conference in 2013. She is also a member of American Mensa and Intertel.

Amy has been tutoring others since she was in high school. She was a teacher’s assistant at Hunter’s Green Elementary during her senior year of high school. She also consistently finished her classwork early and was asked to assist her peers in several subjects. When she started college, she was asked to tutor a class of 8th graders at a local middle school in Pre-Algebra, Literature and FCAT Prep. She also tutored students on-campus through the UT Math Clinic in College Algebra, Precalculus, Trigonometry, and Calculus 1. After her volunteer work showed great results and following the suggestions of her instructors, she started working as a professional tutor.

Amy founded Amy Tutors because she loves learning and hates the idea of students thinking that learning is a chore. Learning is a joy, but an uninspired student will not feel that way. Her vision was to create a share her love of learning and teaching because she believes passion is infectious. She also wanted to challenge students to apply themselves so they can realize that they’re not at the limits of their intelligence. In addition, she wanted to make it affordable enough so every student can get the inspiration they deserve from a qualified source. That vision has become a reality as Amy has helped hundreds of students reach their education goals and achieve grades and test scores they never thought were possible.