Online Group Classes

Small group instruction for standardized tests can give students the confidence and knowledge they need to break ahead of the pack.

Amy has helped many students get into college or graduate school by improving their SAT, ACT, PERT or GRE scores. She’s also helped students complete their high school graduation requirements through FCAT, EOC, and finals preparation. She tutors many other common tests such as ASVAB (for military entrance), TABE (for technical school entrance), TEAS (for nursing school entrance) and more….

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GED Classes

The GED offers a great opportunity for students of any age to earn their high school diploma. However, many students need extra support to pass the math section. Our GED Math prep classes give students all the tools they need to pass the math section with confidence.

TEAS Classes

The TEAS is the preferred entrance exam for most nursing school programs. The exam is challenging because it covers a wide range of topics. The science section, in particular, includes questions about anatomy and physiology, cell biology, genetics, chemistry, and more. For that reason, it’s common for aspiring nursing students to need help preparing for the test. Our classes offer complete preparation for the TEAS.

GRE Classes

The GRE is a requirement for a wide array of graduate school programs. Even programs that don’t require GRE scores tend to favor applicants with high scores. Applicants with high GRE scores are often offered more generous funding packages. For those reasons, GRE Prep classes are truly a worthwhile investment.

SAT Classes

The SAT is a useful tool to make scholarship applications or college applications more competitive. The Bright Futures Scholarship Program helps Florida families afford the cost of college tuition as long as students meet certain requirements. Our SAT Prep classes have provided many students with the tools needed to improve their SAT scores. Our students typically see a 100-200 point increase in their SAT scores after taking our classes.