Closing The Gap

Reducing Summer Loss of Learning

Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by ABC Action News reporter, Michael Paluska, regarding the current educational climate and offer my advice to parents who are concerned that the extended school closure may impact their children's education.

Watch the Interview Here

Many of us have heard the phrase “summer loss of learning” to refer to the educational gap that develops or widens in students over the summer. This can be especially detrimental to students who already struggled to grasp concepts from the previous year. Summer loss of learning is most noticeable in Language Arts and Math because those subjects tend to be cumulative.

My advice to parents and students is to make sure students practice their English and Math skills in some way this summer. A good option for students who had good grades last year is to simply purchase a summer workbook and complete a few pages each day. For those who struggled last year, more guidance may be required to help them prepare for success next year. In such cases, summer enrichment tutoring is a great choice! Just 1-2 hours per week is enough to really help students learn the tools they’ll need to face the new school year.

Another way to make educational gains over the summer is to prepare for standardized tests. It usually takes several months of studying for students to be well-prepared for the SAT or ACT. Working on it during the summer allows students to focus more of their attention on the material and, therefore, see faster progress than during the school year. Students preparing for other tests (such as the TEAS exam for nursing school entrance, the PERT for community college placement, and the GRE for graduate school entrance, etc…) could also benefit from summer tutoring to give them the skills and confidence they need to pass.

So, amidst the fun, recreational summer camps and trips to the beach, I just want to remind everyone that a bit of studying over the summer can go a long way in reducing summer loss of learning, filling in gaps from the previous year, and making sure students are prepared for upcoming standardized tests.

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