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The end of summer is always a bittersweet time. The new school year brings new opportunities and new restrictions that can serve as a stark contrast to the seemingly limitless freedoms of the summer. One way to add a little extra excitement to the first days of school is to have the perfect supplies to express your unique qualities and interests. So, if you or a student in your life are heading back to school, consider these personality based school supply aesthetics. I’ve hand picked a few items that perfectly fit each category and I’ve included Amazon links for your convenience.

Aesthetic #1: Cute

When I was a college student, this was my go-to. I couldn’t resist pastel school supplies or anything with animal ears attached to it. Here are some of my absolute favorite items! Just looking at them again makes me miss being a student. #nostalgia

Notebooks: These Kokuyo Campus notebooks come in adorable colors and they are typically more compact than your average notebook.


Pencils and Pens: Glitter pens and pastel highlighters made it easier to organize my notes. They were beautiful too!


Backpacks and Pencil Cases: Of course, cute school supplies need to be carried in an adorable backpack and pencil case. These are the ones I would choose!


Calculator: You can even make math a little cuter with the right calculator.



Aesthetic #2: Edgy

Believe it or not, I didn’t always love pastels. I went through a very edgy phase during my teens. The colors that defined my aesthetic at that time were red and black. If you or a student in your life is currently enjoying this kind of aesthetic, these items are just for you!

Notebooks: These notebooks are sure to let everyone know that you’re not afraid to be different.


Pencils and Pens: These edgy pens are excellent for writing brooding poetry or prose, which is what I would have used them for when I was a teenager.


Backpacks and Pencil Cases: A unique backpack and pencil case can really tie the edgy aesthetic together.


Calculator: The matte black cover on this calculator perfectly matches this aesthetic.



Aesthetic #3: Gamer

The gamer aesthetic is a fun way to incorporate your favorite hobby into your day. By including tributes to classic games as well as the latest in gaming related school supplies, I’ve tried to compile a list of supplies that will please any gamer.

Notebooks: These notebooks are so unique that they’d make a great gift for anyone who loves video games.


Pencils, Pens, and Stationery Supplies: These gamer stationery supplies are colorful and fun additions to your school supply list.


Backpacks and Pencil Cases: One of these items is my favorite from the gamer list. Can you guess which one?


Calculator: This simple calculator can be personalized with stickers to make it match the gamer aesthetic.




I hope you enjoyed checking out these quirky school supply lists! Hopefully, you feel inspired to try a new aesthetic that will make you or your student smile all school year long. 😊