Amy Giving Tampa Bay Students the Competitive Advantage
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Amy Giving Tampa Bay Students the Competitive Advantage
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About Me

Amy has a Bachelor of Science in Math from the University of Tampa and Master of Science in Math from the University of West Florida.

Amy has a genuine love of life and learning. From a young age, she was an avid reader, artist, and amateur scientist. She loves using her creativity to create art. She studied singing, operatic and Hindustani vocals, when she was younger. She also learned several dance forms, including ballet, ballroom dancing, and kuchipudi. She won “First Place” and “Best of Show” at the Florida State Fair Ballroom Competition. Amy plays classical violin and is currently a member of the University of Tampa Symphony Orchestra.

 Earning math degrees provided ample opportunities for Amy to learn and challenge herself. In addition to her coursework at the University of Tampa, she served as the President of the UT Math Club; was a member of the national math honor society, Pi Mu Epsilon; and performed original research in biomathematics with her advisor, Dr. Angeleska. As a graduate student at the University of West Florida, she performed research about using computational math methods to solve complicated eigenvalue problems. 

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 Masterfully curated video courses and workbooks. For a budget friendly option, try combining one of Amy’s self-guided learning plans with a one-on-one coaching session for extra support. This is truly test preparation on your terms!

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