Summer is a great time for students to brush up on their core subjects and fill in gaps that developed during the school year. Here is how our enrichment camps can help!

Reading Camp: We have reading camps available for middle school students and high school students. The focus of the reading camp is to help students analyze literature, interpret practical writing such as current events articles and scientific articles, and generally improve reading comprehension skills. The reading camp helps students perform better in their English, science, and social science classes.

Writing Camp: We have writing camps for middle school students and high school students. The writing camp teaches the skills needed to communicate effectively in academic writing. It also encourages students to think outside the box with creative writing. The writing camp helps students perform better in classes and on standardized tests that have writing requirements.

Algebra Camp: The algebra camp is perfect for students who want to build a stronger foundation in algebra. Most students struggle with math due to gaps in their understanding of algebra. For example, many geometry students understand the geometry concepts, but still struggle because they can’t solve for x at the end of the problem. The problem keeps occurring in subsequent math classes until they go back and fill in those gaps. For that reason, the algebra camp is helpful to both students who will take algebra next year and those who have struggled with algebra in the past.

PSAT Camp: The PSAT is an important test because it introduces students to SAT or ACT style testing. Preparing well for the PSAT makes it much easier for students to succeed on the SAT later. The PSAT Camp is perfect for 8th-10th graders.

SAT Camp: The SAT is a useful tool to make scholarship applications or college applications more competitive. Our SAT prep students have seen 100-200 points increase in their SAT scores. What makes our SAT camps special is the small class sizes, live instruction, and individual attention each student gets.

Please refer to the class schedule for meeting times (given in Eastern time) and prices.

Online Summer Enrichment Camps